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I created this Journal with the idea to read and eventually writte something of my own. I really like the people and the atmospehere in the communties and that's why I decided to give it a try. Another reason is because I used to dream to be a writer. I don't know if this's ever going to be true but I love to write and enjoy doing it here for the time being. Here I'm free of everything and can write about anythig, that's why I have to warn you that this journal contains adult themes and images. Do not read this journal if you are not consideredt an adult in the country you live in and are staying in at the moment of reading! If you do it, it is on your own free will and you should consider yourself warned!
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I'm fan of so many tv shows... but for now I'm writing (for ones less than for others) about:
1 - Teen Wolf
2 - Buffy the vampire Salyer
+ some more
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Although I write about fictional characters from a few TV shows I do not claim to own them or anything else I borrowed from the series. I used the characters/plots/shows without permission, but make no attempt to copyright them and I'm not using them for profit.What I claim as mine are the plots, the stories in which I use whatever I saw as appropriate for the occasion from the show. Yet, if at some point in time I decide to write and publish something I reserve the right to use the plots and stories I came up with! Please do not take anything from this journal except if I personally gave you permission to take and/or use it.
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my graphic journal is

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